"I now understand the great damage weights have done to my performance overall and that my flexibility is a key part of my game. In a recent tournament, I was back to shooting eagles, birdies and pars. It feels like I have my life back again, instead of living in a state of constant frustration over my golf game.

Also, with the increased flexibility and change in my swing mechanics taught to me at Somax (hands on swing plane, starting my downswing with left knee instead of left hip), I'm hitting my driver 350 yards and my clubs are all straight.

I also developed low back pain after lifting weights, and now that is gone

Thank you for making me believe in myself again."

—David Huertas, Bogota, Colombia


"Since my participation in your program, the most important thing has been the elimination of lower back pain in my everyday life. I consider this fact much more important to me than my golf game.

Just as an aside, I have won two long driving contests during tournaments this year. The first was against 65 golfers on the second hole at Pebble Beach. The other contest was also during a tournament, at Rancho Las Palmas against a field of 120 golfers.

I have not won such a contest since the 70's when my back started to restrict my swing."

—Walt Stryker, Belevedere, CA


"Before I started working with Somax, I only knew one thing: lifting weights would change my body and therefore help me improve my performance. What I didn't know was that the muscles, although getting stronger, were also becoming glued together with microfibers, a mild form of scar tissue.

In the summer of 2004 I was experiencing severe back pain and discomfort around my hips. I started doing Yoga, went to see different massage therapist, and changed my workout routine to get some relief. Yet nothing seemed to ease the pain.

When I first saw the demo tape on Microfiber Reduction, I was skeptical that this program would really help my problems.

I am now into my second year of working with the Somax Professional Program and I couldn't be happier. Somax has enabled me to work on my game with no pain in my body. I have never seen a program that is as individualized as this one and that carries as many benefits.

I have improved all of my stats on Tour."

—Miriam Nagl, LPGA and Euro Tour


"After just a couple of weeks work with Bob Prichard, my chest expansion has increased two inches, my golf swing is more fluid, my posture has greatly improved and my general flexibility is better than it has ever been.

I sincerely urge my retired partners, faced with the prospect of decreasing flexibility, who want to improve their golf, tennis, posture or running, to look into this approach."

—Richard B. Troxel, Retired Partner, KPMG


"Today I consistently hit at least one club longer with my irons. My driving is now regularly farther. Before my Somax program, I was driving 235 yards, but it was hard to keep it in the fairway. Now I consistently hit the ball over 250 yards with pretty good accuracy. I do occasionally hit the ball 300 yards. When I am not hitting the ball as good as I know that I can, I just go back to the basics we worked on and can begin hitting the ball solidly, with accuracy, fairly quickly.

When I first came to Somax I was having serious lower back problems. They had become so severe that I was suffering with pains down my leg that were affecting my quality of life significantly. I was taking four 200mg ibuprofen tablets at a dose every four hours during the day in an effort to cope with the pain.

When I played golf it would irritate my back significantly and would literally put me on the floor in pain. My pain began to subside as more and more parts of my body were loosened up with the Microfiber Reduction. Today I seldom have any pain in my lower back and virtually none running down my leg. My quality of life has improved significantly and I attribute this all to the Somax program.

The most amazing thing is that I have not had any loss of flexibility since I have finished my program. I still stretch on a regular basis, but the flexibility is there even before I stretch. The process is also so sudden in the manner in which it works. As soon as the microfibers are released, that area just loosens up right away and has stayed loose."

—Dan Henrichs, Conroe, TX


"Not everyone can get a New Body at age 65.
I did!

Although I was attracted originally to the Somax Program for golf, I found the whole experience to be far greater than I had anticipated.

My poor posture of 65 years improved dramatically as did my flexibility. I first became aware of my posture in my teens. My Mom said 'stand up straight'. I carried a book on my head, one of many drills I did to improve my posture. The book, of course, fell off. Didn't help my posture at all. Standing up with my back against the wall was another drill. I tried it a number of times, but it did not improve my posture in the least.

When I was 16 I was carrying golf bags as a summer job. The caddie master said 'stand up straight' 'stop slouching over the bag'. It didn't help, either.

My fraternity brothers in college nicknamed me the Tortoise, or «Tort», because when I played hockey I bent over a lot, with my head stuck out of the uniform with large shoulder pads. The nickname stayed with me my whole life—until Somax.

Now my nickname is «Too Tall Tort». My friends notice I am now standing much straighter and taller.

In addition to visibly better posture, I am a better low handicap player now than I was before I started the program. My distance has increased and I am hitting more greens in regulation. The changes in my body experienced through Microfiber Reduction and the whole Somax program have made a drastic improvement in my whole life, altering it much for the better."

—Jim Deveney, Manchester, MA


"Thanks for your help in converting the disbelievers, and in great appreciation for all the help you've been to me. As a result of your flexibility program, there is absolutely no question in my mind that my flexibility has increased.

The impact of this increase is directly related to a decrease in my time to run a mile from 7 minutes to 6 minutes, as well as a decrease in my golf handicap from 21 to 16 within three weeks after your program. I'm hitting the ball about 15% farther. I must add that it is a lot of fun to be able to hit a six iron 175 yards rather than my prior capability which was limited to 150 yards."

—David Meredith, Norwalk, CT

* Individual results may, of course, vary, but in every case we stand by our 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.